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Gas springs by HAHN Gasfedern a STABILUS company

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Opening flaps in a controlled way, gently damping doors, softly closing hatches – life is always in motion.

And since every movement is different, so is each of our gas spring systems.

HAHN Gasfedern is the leading global provider of German-made pneumatic springs and dampers and is the first choice when it comes to the development of standard products as well as the realization of complex solutions. Being a part of the STABILUS COMPANY, we give our best every day, to provide you quick access to an almost unlimited portfolio of reliable gas springs:

More than 60 years of experience
Technical competence
Modern manufacturing equipment
Uncompromising delivery reliability
Extraordinary flexibility

German-engineered design
made in Gastonia, NC

Whether you need a classic gas spring, a modified tension spring or a unique hydraulic damper – with HAHN you will always have an innovative, reliable and loyal partner at your side. All of our products live up to the highest standards. After all, they are made in the USA, with German know-how. And because we are close to our customers and have a flexibly scalable production line, we can even market customized solutions in no time at all. A strong team of specially trained employees monitor the adherence to the highest quality standards across the entire value chain.

Unrivaled flexibility. Because motion is HAHN.

We support you in developing new business opportunities by bringing movement to the varied life of your target audience. For this reason, our HAHN experts develop and manufacture long-lasting and functional pneumatic springs, double stroke gas springs or hydraulic brakes for any industry – in all models, sizes and quantities.


Our gas springs for commercial vehicles ensure that precise work can be done effortlessly, despite heavy loads.

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Whether construction equipment, manhole covers or verge mowers – with our gas springs you can do great things.

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From agile motorboats to luxurious cruise liners – HAHN sails with people all over the world.

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Adjusting operating tables or therapy beds – HAHN pneumatic springs make life easier for patients and caregivers alike.

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Our products reduce wear, prevent damage and improve the precision of sensitive processes.

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Continuously adjusting swivel chairs and softly closing drawers – our gas springs for the furniture industry guarantee absolute comfort.

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Our gas springs


Stop wasting time and money in searching your individual gas spring. Start finding them!

Profit from our expertise in standard and custom gas springs, tension springs and dampers. Choose from a huge variety of options for the connection of pressure tubes or piston rods, gas spring material, different lengths, extension force or accessories. Mix and match each attribute, configure your individual version and receive an offer immediately. Our unique modular system makes it possible.

By partnering with HAHN Gasfedern, you‘ll also have access to unrivaled flexibility when it comes to custom made gas springs:

All common connections, plus a large variety of customized versions
Combine any tube with your piston rod
Any custom ordered gas spring length available
From 10 to 6,000 N
No minimum order quantity
Delivery can be as low as 24 hours only

Hahn gas spring

Standard gas spring

Whether in an industrial or private environment – our gas springs are used where masses must be lifted or lowered in a controlled way, such as in furniture or vehicles, machine building or medical equipment.

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lockable gas spring by Hahn

Lockable gas spring

Our lockable gas springs can be locked and loosened in any position across their entire range – ideal for effortless opening, closing or positioning of heavy flaps.

more about our lockable gas spring >

double stroke gas spring

Double stroke gas spring

If our regular gas springs lose steam, HAHN’s double stroke gas springs pick up the slack. They do this by covering two force ranges, allowing them to move heavy flaps with a larger opening angle in a coordinated way.

more about our double stroke gas spring >

Custom-made solutions

Movement is diverse, just like life itself. The wishes of our customers are equally varied. As the pioneer of gas spring technology, we find a solution to almost any reasonable challenge in a very short time.

more about our custom made solutions >

oil damper

Oil dampers

Our experts don’t want to stifle your need for movement, nor that of your customers. Instead, we want to channel it productively. For this purpose, we have developed hydraulic brakes made from steel, which gently decelerate flaps, covers or hatches.

more about our oil dampers >

tension gas springs

Tension gas spring

In situations where a classic gas spring reaches its limits, another HAHN product is ready to take over – our maintenance-free tension gas springs lend a helping hand in many different scenarios.

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hahn reducer gas spring accesoire


You can combine HAHN gas springs with many high-quality accessories to expand the application scope of our products. Experience unparalleled flexibility and freedom of movement!

more about our acessoires >

Almost infinite varieties of gas springs

find our flyer as PDF download >

Combine any tube
(carbon steel, AISI 304 or 316, optionally surface treated or painted any color)

with your piston rod
(carbon steel, AISI 304 or 316, optionally surface treated with hard chrome or NiceSlide)

Any custom ordered gas spring length available

No minimum order quantity

Hahn slot machine

All common connections, plus a large variety of customized versions.

Large variety of mounting hardware.

From 10 to 6,000 N

Starting from 1 piece only!

Almost infinite varieties of gas springs

find our flyer as PDF download >

slot machine of Hahn
connection icon

All common connections, plus a large variety of customized versions.

AISI 304 in icon

Combine any tube
(carbon steel, AISI 304 or 316, optionally surface treated or painted any color)

with your piston rod
(carbon steel, AISI 304 or 316, optionally surface treated with hard chrome or NiceSlide)

variety icon

Large variety of mounting hardware.

ruler icon

Any custom ordered gas spring length available

250 N in icon

From 10 to 6,000 N

7 pcs in icon

No minimum order quantity

Starting from 1 piece only!

Motion is specific: Quality down to the details

You would like to learn more about our gas tension springs, gas pressure springs or oil brakes? Here, you will find current brochures and technical information surrounding our products. If you have additional questions or are unsure which gas spring is suitable to your particular application, our HAHN experts will be happy to help.

Motion is teamwork: Get in touch with HAHN Gasfedern

Whether controlled movement, gentle damping and braking, easy opening or soft closing of levers, flaps or hatches – HAHN gas springs live up to their promise. Simply tell us about your application and we will be happy to explain the various possibilities provided by our products. Gas tension spring or gas pressure spring, lockable or ballpoint pen type, with or without damping – our broad portfolio will excite you. Of course, our experienced industry experts will accompany your project from start to finish, beginning with a competent consultation on product development, all the way to a timely delivery.

And because at HAHN you get all the extras and service from a single source, you can be sure that the solution developed by us will more than fulfill your requirements. Put us to the test and contact us right now!

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    Phone: +1 704-810-3522